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Our Retainers for Life Program

Protect your smile investment forever!

Following orthodontic treatment, retainers are necessary to keep your teeth in their new positions. Without a bit of pressure to keep them from drifting out of alignment, they may soon regress to their former wonkiness. Patients must wear retainers on a long-term basis after they’re done with their braces or clear aligner treatment. That’s why SO has chosen to offer a Lifetime Retention Program. It will keep your new smile Glo looking and feeling awesome!



Before or after your smile journey, mention to us that you’d like to opt in to the Lifetime retention program. We’ll provide you with a model of your teeth and your first set of retainers. Be sure to keep your models in a secure place! When you need replacement retainers, we’ll use that as the basis for designing the new ones.


Should you ever lose or break your retainers, you can get new ones for a small copay per upper or lower retainer. This program will save you thousands over standard retainer costs – and will protect your smile investment forever!


This program is for clear retainers only and will get you up to 6 retainers (3 sets) per year. If the model is lost/broken or teeth have shifted then the regular replacement retainer fee is assessed.


What you get:

  • 1 Model of your teeth. (Don’t lose it)
  • Up to 6 replacement retainers (3 Sets) per year
  • A lifetime of smiles